Saturday, May 24, 2014

Windows 8 worth and its Advance

Windows 8 is an operating system for personal computers, tablets and some mobile phones that is manufactured by the Microsoft Company and is part of the windows series of operating systems which include among others, Windows XP, and Windows 7. Windows 8 contains many new and advanced features and applications which are different from the previous windows versions and whose aim is improve personalization and experience with the user’s personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. Such advancements may include performance enhancements, improved security detail to the gadget from spyware and malware, and improvement in the support of touch screen enabled gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and some laptops.

Windows 8 has a quicker start-up period, more than twice as fast as other previous Microsoft windows operating systems such as windows 7 which effectively reduce the user’s time that is wasted waiting for his personal computer to start up. This operating system contains a start up menu that is significantly different from what other operating systems contain. Starting from the name, to the contents and appearance, the startup menu produces a big difference between the Microsoft windows versions. The Windows 8 has brought a lot of changes to the very common user interface that was synonymous to other windows operating systems. The new interface is aimed at enhancing the user’s experience with his/her tablet computer, and windows mobile phone.  Its start up menu is called a start screen, and this is so because instead of popping up as a window at the bottom of the screen, it occupies the entire screen on the desktop. It resembles the home screen as seen in the windows mobile phone. It consists of columns of tiles with each tile holding a particular application, file or folder. The startup screen is displayed during the log on process instead of the desktop as in the previous version of Microsoft windows.  This start screen contains a menu with easily accessible, user friendly tools such as a task manager, a control panel, a command prompt, and the shutdown options.

When a user starts typing on the start screen, a search tool is displayed which enables him/her to search for folders, files, applications or any other materials they would require in the computer. This therefore improves the effectiveness and accessibility of the personal computer. A task manager, which is found on the start screen, gives a comprehensive and detailed look at how the system resources such as the applications and programs are being used. It shows a series of programs in a window and uses a heat map to examine the resource utilization and what programs and applications are more heavily used, it identifies the applications and programs that require the most band width to run, it searches for items in the start screen which slows windows down, it explains what some other unfamiliar windows services are actually doing, it also disables those start screen applications that you may view as unnecessary and you can do without, and finally, its plays the role of a task switcher where the user can move from one task to the other. Windows 8 also has a better security system when compared to other operating systems both from Microsoft and other companies. It ensures that the user receives less of those intrusive updates that act as such a bother to the user. It contains security features such as in built antivirus software which ensures that no malware from whatever source are able to infiltrate the system and cause damage to the computer software, and a Microsoft phishing filtering service which ensures that there is no unauthorized access of personal information by unidentified persons without the prior knowledge of the rightful user.

All the applications present in the windows app store are thoroughly screened for any potential security hazard hence ensuring security against downloaded malware. Windows 8 also comes with advanced applications that are also inbuilt and have the capabilities to support touch screen features and are connected to the web to ensure easy upgrade of the application or to seek help from the web concerning the application. Windows store is such an example and is a distribution site for the various applications that are suitable for gadgets that use the windows 8 operating system. It resembles Apple’s app store and Google play. It has the pricings, ratings, and categories of the various applications. Another amazing feature of the windows 8 is an online storage service known as the Sky Drive Cloud storage which is an additional area of storage though not in the conventional sense since it is an online storage service which allows a person to store files, pictures and any other information and is able to access this information from a web browser or other related applications. The windows 8 operating system comes as a user friendly way for a person to interact with his personal computer or other widows enabled gadgets. It contains more advanced options that give a user a number of different ways to carry out the same task.

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