Saturday, October 12, 2013

How ultimate is the Wondershare Video Converter utility?

Looking up for a video converter software, we always end up either installing a small converter program or a large converter application that might not be affordable. Though small software may offer some quick video conversions but overall they fail to create an impression when it comes to multiple file format conversions. Time has also drastically changed with advent of iPads & Android devices where videos files have replaced the conventional media files as ultimate files for entertainment.

And who just simply satisfies with a video converter utility only? To edit or burn a video one may again launch a fresh search for dedicated utilities. Thankfully, some kind people have taken into consideration all the aspects of conversion, editing & data writing and bring forth this utility known as Wondershare - Video Converter Ultimate.

Wondershare - Video Converter Ultimate

The name of the software not only tells me about the video converter part but also puts an impression of something more than just a converter software. That means I can convert any of my existing video file then bring this video to editing as per my choice and end up with burning it to a DVD. So, we can conclude that this utility can perform 3 major tasks back-to-back while you sit in front of your computer with a cup of coffee.
  1. Video Converter
  2. Video Editor
  3. Burn video to DVD
[To download the Wondershare - Video Converter Ultimate for free demo, visit URL.]

Look & Feel of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Some of us may prefer a very glossy GUI of an application like this, though few of us may not even care how the application looks. But in case of this particular software I would say it has both mixture of glossiness and simplicity to maintain an equilibrium for a novice user and a professional. (Thankfully, it doesn't confuses the user like some applications do).

As you can see the buttons on the software interface are ready to be clicked to perform their respective operations. On the positive side, it doesn't tend to be a rocket science :).

How to begin the video conversion with Wondershare?

  • Start by clicking on the button situated in the middle and upload your videos from the hard drive of the computer. You can add multiple video files of different formats using the button "Add Files" on the conversion tray. Use drag & drop with the help of the mouse to add more files without the button. You can also upload videos to convert from DVD tray & load ISO, IFO files.
Multiple Videos ready to convert
  • Once the videos are uploaded on the tray, it is important now to select a file format as our output. Now this is something which is full of choices and also depends upon your particular need. To me it sounds similar like going to a restaurant for a dinner and finding many eatables on the menu. You either select your desired food or try out a new one. Just check the file format menu in below image.
Many file formats for your video appetite

In the above choices lies the combined formats picked up from your traditional and device dedicated formats. Surely one is going to love this choice for his/her Apple, Samsung and other supported devices.
  • Before starting the converter tool you can quickly wrap up other features like the Output Folder which is by default created in "My Documents". You can give a different output location if you desire. Once again you can check up with the settings buttons & if you wish to join all your videos to a single file then click the option "Merge all videos into one file". A thoughtful feature for similar video content files.
  • All settings have been finalized, time now to click the button
Again, this utility with 30X faster conversion speed simply won't let you down. In all, feel a comfortable video file conversion with Wondershare Video Converter ultimate.

An In-built Video Editor

As I mentioned earlier, you can also perform some editing on the uploaded or converted video with the same application. All you have to do is click the "Edit" button which appears on the right corner of every video. See the image below.

Lets check what actually you can do with editing options?

  • Crop the Video

  • Add Effects, Watermark and Subtitles to your video.

Burn a video to DVD

Hassle free DVD burning option is built in to provide video file to be played on any standard DVD players. Add or Drag the video file into the tray, select a DVD template and alter some settings as per need. Click the button "Burn" to start writing the video data on the DVD disc.

Download Videos from the WEB

How many of us have scratched our head finding 'Jack of all Utilities' to download the videos from sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc.? This tool from Wondershare really understand the need of a user in this regard and purposely provide a "Download" button where it reads the url of a video and downloads it. Also to add on you can record a video with some added settings. Goto All Programs>Wondershare>Video Converter Ultimate.

Final Take on Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

  • Simple to use
  • Plenty of features packed in 1 application
  • It does justifies it name tag "Ultimate"
  • Available in PC/Mac
  • Good option for professionals
This app is recommended.
Visit Wondershare.Com and Download the software Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate


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