Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Disk Drill data recovery app for Mac

Apple's Mac is soon going to be on OS X Mavericks (10.9) and lots of unique changes are expected around the world from this update. We already witnessed how mighty the OS X Mountain Lion is when it comes to performing various tasks, updating your Mac and of-course securing the Mac from outer threats. But wait, did Apple covered data recovery into any of its operating systems? I suppose no!!! A Mac still relies on third-party data recovery software to retrieve any deleted or formatted files. But data loss on Mac is not limited to only deletion or formatting, even a corrupt Mac disk can lead to data inaccessibility. These are the most common forms of data loss occurring on day-to-day basis on an OS X. 

Let's also not forget to mention data deletion from devices like an iPod, USBs, SD-Cards and Kindles. In-fact, no device is inevitable against a potential data loss. So, all of the above collective factors make us put our Mac through a data recovery application. Disk Drill from Cleverfiles is one such competitive app that aims to recover deleted, formatted files from a Mac and supported devices.

When we talk about the U.I. of Disk Drill app, it certainly doesn't disappoint a Mac user. BTW, a Mac user always expects the OS X software to be well polished and trust me developer of this app took this quite seriously. At the end of the day, Disk Drill U.I. scores good numbers on look and feel.

If you carefully look at the interface of the Disk Drill, you will feel like watching a plane's cockpit. Every option or button is located in front of you. You need not go back and forward multiple times to select an option. If you choose to 'Recover' get the blue button clicked you wish to 'Rebuild', 'Protect', select the 'Extra' button, its all there in that single window. Ahh, there is a drop down too just next to every Recover button. 
Features of Disk Drill – a quick Look

Understanding features of an app matters most in resolving the problem in a prolific fashion. And, as I earlier mentioned Disk Drill have lots of button that can prove to be beneficial if we correctly know their purposes.
Recover - You can expand this button to view more options like
  • Run all Recovery Methods
  • Undelete Protected Data
  • Quick Scan
  • Deep Scan 
  • HFS partition recovery, in case a volume has been lost or deleted.
Protect - You can set the Recovery Vault Protection to on/off.

Extras - This button focuses on hard drive status & recovery. Its features are
  • Specify bad Blocks
  • Get HD info
  • Image your HD
You will readily find these three features against any hard drive, volume or external devices attached to the Mac.

Testing: No matter how charming any application looks, it has to go through the real deal, which is the testing part of the software. 

For testing purposes, I choose to insert 4GB Samsung SD-card in my Mac. This SD card was frequently used back at my college times. Days passed and I almost gave up photography and got busy in job. Since then I haven’t got the chance to reuse the memory card for its original purpose. As you can see below screenshot, it had only 17 files (items) in total comprising of size mere to 19.6 MB. I admit, I deleted many-many media files from this card during the past years.

So, with the Disk Drill app, I would be finding my deleted photographs from this SD-Card and will see if I can recover it.

Since, I have done many read & writes on this device I prefer to go for ‘Deep Scan’ recovery features which searches for the lost and deleted data sector wise.

Once the ‘Deep Scan’ feature is selected, it jumps into next interface and scans the connected device vigorously.
Disk Drill scans the device for a few minutes and ends up listing 127 pictures and 1 video. As, I earlier mentioned I had only 19 items on my SD-Card that also included 3 folders.

Now, that’s fantastic to find that you are just a few steps away from reuniting with your data. Must say, Disk Drill data recovery app is strong enough to find your data that was deleted a year ago.

You can also expand the listed folders to view your recoverable data.  The facility to perform file selection also exists in Disk Drill application. So, you can preview files and keep only those, which you want to keep.

If you are running the demo of the Disk Drill app and fully satisfied with the recovery, then you may save your recovered file session to a location. Later, on purchasing the license of the tool from Cleverfiles, you can launch the saved session and recover the files in real.

However since my objective is to reunite with my deleted files I would straight go to save the files to my Mac.  Once you have provided the right location for your files, click on the green ‘Recover’ button to enter the license key.

Saving in Progress:

A Happy Ending: Thanks to Disk Drill recovery Pro. I did find my deleted photographs from the SD card.

Buy the app at $89 from This app is recommended.


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