Saturday, April 6, 2013

Classic Shell help restore start button in Windows 8

Below is the screenshot of my Windows 8 pro desktops and it’s obvious it doesn't have a traditional Start menu option. As a typical Windows user, I am used to hit the Start button every time I wish to launch an application.  So, to get back that button let’s apply some of the free tricks.

Using Classic Shell which accumulates many enhancements for Windows 7 & 8 OS. To get started visit and download the ClassicShellSetup_3_6_5.exe file which wieghs around 8.4MB on your hard drive.

Download finishes, launch the application and you might get this error message? Simply ignore the error message and proceed to 'Run Anyway', it will lead to the installation of the program just like any other windows app. The file is saved at this location C:\Program Files\Classic Shell\.

You can see the button back on the left corner of the desktop. Upon clicking the start menu the button settings windows pop up. You can customize it as per your comfort level.

It’s Back:Hasta La Vista:- Classic Shell does it for you & me.

Now, Remember that pressing the Windows key will activate the Startup button rather than taking you to the Windows 8 Tiles. To bring the tiles back on the screen simply move your mouse to bottom-right (near the clock) and press the WINDOWS logo to jump to TILES.


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