Thursday, May 14, 2015

UNIX looks like the most popular OS till date

A fascinating little point made in a much longer piece about the smartphone wars. One that makes me wonder whether Unix can now be considered to be the most successful operating system of all time. Which is certainly a change from when I first entered the computing industry when Unix boxes were vast behemoths and the Windows based PC was what was used by the masses.

The point is made here:

Within that, roughly 1.1bn had ‘smartphones’ at the end of 2012, of which around 900m ran either the iOS or Android versions of Unix. (As an aside, it is pretty striking that almost a fifth of the earth’s adult population has a Unix box in their pocket.)

Yes, it is true that both Apple‘s iOS (and OSX come to think of it) and Google‘s Android are variations of the basic Unix operating system. And 900 million concurrent users might indeed be the largest number of people using an operating system yet.

The only viable contender is of course Windows. DOS was never a large enough marketplace before Windows took over from that. And I agree that Windows sales numbers are, over time, much higher than of these Unix variants. Windows 7 for example sold 450 million copies all told. Windows 8 so far 100 million. So I’m willing to agree that Microsoft has, over all the generations of Windows, sold more licenses than the current usage of the two Unix variants, Android and iOS.

But I’m really not sure whether the installed base of Windows has ever been 900 million units. Not all operating at the same time. And we are indeed saying that the current, today’s installed base of Unix is that 900 million. Even if that were shown to be wrong, that there are, or have at some time been, more than 900 million operating PCs running Windows, I don’t think that Windows would keep the crown for very much longer. For the growth rates are wildly divergent.

Almost all tablets and smartphones now run some variant of Unix (yes, I know, Windows Phone and Surface but really, volumes here are pretty small) and those markets are still growing by leaps and bounds. And the PC market is actually shrinking. So even if Windows might, just, still be the world’s leading OS I don’t think that that will last for very much longer.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Phablet Review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G

  • Software
Xiaomi Redmi Note runs MIUI, a heavily customized version of Android. You would be familiar with the MIUI ROM if you're an Android enthusiast and like flashing different ROMs on your device. The ROM is available for a large number of Android phones and tablets.

While the MIUI software is based on Android, the interface looks totally different. For some reason the 3G version of Redmi Note is still on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which is a pity.

The UI is devoid of an app drawer and app icons and widgets are spread across the home screens. The unified home screen-app launcher style may come across as user-friendly to people who have not used an Android phone before. But it will take some time to get used to if you have already been using an Android smartphone. You can of course download and install an alternate launcher.

Xiaomi has promised that it will update the software to Android 4.4 KitKat in Q1 2015.

Just like the Redmi 1S, the Redmi Note also offers a Lite Mode that features a simplified Home screen and menus. One can switch to the Lite Mode by going to the Settings and enabling the mode under the General Settings tab. The phone reboots to the Lite mode which looks a bit like Windows Phone with its big tiles for most core apps, large fonts and simplified versions of phone and messages apps.

The Lite Mode is good for first time smartphone users and the elderly since it doesn't overwhelm with the hundreds of options, settings and apps part of the Android smartphone experience. One can reboot to the full-fledged UI mode by going to the Settings app and disabling Lite Mode via the system settings.
  • Display
Xiaomi Redmi Note sports a 5.5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280x720p. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and looks bright and vibrant.

While the display doesn't look as sharp as 1080p (full-HD) displays, it offers wide viewing angles and decent sunlight legibility. We also found the display panel and capacitive touch buttons to be very responsive to touch.
  • Build and design
The Redmi Note is a big phone and is clearly not meant for people who desire to use their device with one hand.

It shares the same design language that we've seen in Redmi 1S complete with the red coloured navigation buttons, rectangular slab form factor with rounded corners and a removable back cover that wraps around the edges.

However, the phone is pretty wide at 78.7mm. We received the 3G version of the phone as our review unit which weighs 199gram. The back cover is rounded at the edges and is white in colour, sporting a glossy finish. It's a little slippery so it's best to put on a case if you're careless with your phones. The back is also slightly prone to smudging.

Removing the back cover reveals the battery compartment, two regular sized sim card slots and a microSD card slot. The battery is removable. It is easy to take the cover off.

The right edge features metallic keys for volume and power.The keys are not very tactile but offer a good response. The 3.5mm jack is placed at the top edge while the micro-USB port is at the bottom.

In terms of build quality, the Redmi Note feels extremely durable and we did not encounter any squeaks or wobbles even though the phone has a removable cover. It doesn't feel very premium though.
  • Camera
Xiaomi Redmi Note sports a 13MP rear camera accompanied by an LED flash and a 5MP front facing camera. The rear camera supports 1080p video recording while the front camera supports 720p recording.

The camera app is similar to the one on the Mi 3, offering 'Simple' as well as an 'Advanced' mode with the latter offering granular settings for contrast, saturation, sharpness, anti banding, and exposure, among others. It also offers HDR, Panorama, Burst modes in addition to filters. The video mode offers standard and fast motion recording options.

Images captured by the camera in day light turned out well with decent level of detail and good contrast. Images shot in macro mode also look good.

Images shot in low-light, without flash, were grainy and full of noise, though. Video recording quality was above average.

 We did face some issues trying to focus, especially while shooting close-ups. The front camera is also good for clicking selfies and for video calls.
  • Gaming
We were able to play games like Temple Run 2 without encountering frame drops or freezes. We were also able to play Asphalt 8 encountering minor lag and stutter occasionally.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Windows 8 worth and its Advance

Windows 8 is an operating system for personal computers, tablets and some mobile phones that is manufactured by the Microsoft Company and is part of the windows series of operating systems which include among others, Windows XP, and Windows 7. Windows 8 contains many new and advanced features and applications which are different from the previous windows versions and whose aim is improve personalization and experience with the user’s personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. Such advancements may include performance enhancements, improved security detail to the gadget from spyware and malware, and improvement in the support of touch screen enabled gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and some laptops.

Windows 8 has a quicker start-up period, more than twice as fast as other previous Microsoft windows operating systems such as windows 7 which effectively reduce the user’s time that is wasted waiting for his personal computer to start up. This operating system contains a start up menu that is significantly different from what other operating systems contain. Starting from the name, to the contents and appearance, the startup menu produces a big difference between the Microsoft windows versions. The Windows 8 has brought a lot of changes to the very common user interface that was synonymous to other windows operating systems. The new interface is aimed at enhancing the user’s experience with his/her tablet computer, and windows mobile phone.  Its start up menu is called a start screen, and this is so because instead of popping up as a window at the bottom of the screen, it occupies the entire screen on the desktop. It resembles the home screen as seen in the windows mobile phone. It consists of columns of tiles with each tile holding a particular application, file or folder. The startup screen is displayed during the log on process instead of the desktop as in the previous version of Microsoft windows.  This start screen contains a menu with easily accessible, user friendly tools such as a task manager, a control panel, a command prompt, and the shutdown options.

When a user starts typing on the start screen, a search tool is displayed which enables him/her to search for folders, files, applications or any other materials they would require in the computer. This therefore improves the effectiveness and accessibility of the personal computer. A task manager, which is found on the start screen, gives a comprehensive and detailed look at how the system resources such as the applications and programs are being used. It shows a series of programs in a window and uses a heat map to examine the resource utilization and what programs and applications are more heavily used, it identifies the applications and programs that require the most band width to run, it searches for items in the start screen which slows windows down, it explains what some other unfamiliar windows services are actually doing, it also disables those start screen applications that you may view as unnecessary and you can do without, and finally, its plays the role of a task switcher where the user can move from one task to the other. Windows 8 also has a better security system when compared to other operating systems both from Microsoft and other companies. It ensures that the user receives less of those intrusive updates that act as such a bother to the user. It contains security features such as in built antivirus software which ensures that no malware from whatever source are able to infiltrate the system and cause damage to the computer software, and a Microsoft phishing filtering service which ensures that there is no unauthorized access of personal information by unidentified persons without the prior knowledge of the rightful user.

All the applications present in the windows app store are thoroughly screened for any potential security hazard hence ensuring security against downloaded malware. Windows 8 also comes with advanced applications that are also inbuilt and have the capabilities to support touch screen features and are connected to the web to ensure easy upgrade of the application or to seek help from the web concerning the application. Windows store is such an example and is a distribution site for the various applications that are suitable for gadgets that use the windows 8 operating system. It resembles Apple’s app store and Google play. It has the pricings, ratings, and categories of the various applications. Another amazing feature of the windows 8 is an online storage service known as the Sky Drive Cloud storage which is an additional area of storage though not in the conventional sense since it is an online storage service which allows a person to store files, pictures and any other information and is able to access this information from a web browser or other related applications. The windows 8 operating system comes as a user friendly way for a person to interact with his personal computer or other widows enabled gadgets. It contains more advanced options that give a user a number of different ways to carry out the same task.

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Myself Daniel Coughlin, from few years I am determined on writing for essay writing paper. My experience and mastery have to be sure assisted for me to compose academic assignments, for example, article on “Windows 8 worth and its Advance”.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cloud Computing Benefits Harvested By IT Healthcare Solutions

Cloud computing has been on a constant rise in the healthcare industry with recent studies predicting that it could grow to a staggering 5.4 billion dollars by the year 2017. The demand for quality medical services for less money, the healthcare environment is bound to keep changing. As a result, doctors, hospitals, private healthcare clinics, and research institutions are searching for methods to increase quality and efficiency while at the same time decreasing costs.

Cloud computing provides a quick and economical solution to these requirements if implemented and used appropriately. Therefore, it gives the healthcare industry an opportunity to be more effective, enhance patient service, and regulate costs. Cloud computing offers many benefits to the healthcare industry. They are as follows:

1. Speed

Cloud-based services enable the patients and healthcare professionals to access medical information they require faster. Moreover, cloud based medical systems are easier to improve as their services can be upgraded rapidly, with less expenses and with minimal interruptions to service delivery. This allows the service provider to continually improve their service. With further improvements, the implementation time taken is less as compared to an analog system. The time for contract draw up and signing is also drastically reduced when done online and in real-time.

2. Mobility

The Internet is virtually everywhere these days. With a cloud computing, health care system, enables storing of data and processing power over the Internet hence patients and healthcare providers can access health information they need from any place they are and at any time. Therefore, a person will not be required to be at a health care center in order to receive service. The employees in the healthcare industry are able to get some real-time access to patients’ records and documents, which is critical in emergency situations.

3. Collaboration

With the utilization of cloud computing, healthcare professional across the globe can share information rapidly and in real-time without having to incur any extra costs. It provides a central platform where the medical professionals can access any patient information they require. A nurse can run tests and upload the information into the cloud where the doctor can access the information and make a diagnosis. Therefore, it provides a smooth and faster flow of information and communication between various staffs in the healthcare institution. With the central platform, collaboration between the staffs is improved, reducing the risks of mis-diagnosis or wrong prescription of medicine.

4. Decreased Expenses

Computer software on remote servers not in the ownership of the institution i.e. on the cloud, allows healthcare institutions to pay for the software, as a metered service instead of a fixed cost, which saves the institution a lot of money. The hospital will only pay for services they use; hence, they will not be obliged to incur extra costs in matters such as hardware maintenance and repair of systems.

5. Security and Privacy

Contrary to popular belief, cloud data is more secure than a localized system, which is in a server room that is protected by just a locked door. On the other hand, data in the cloud is encrypted in such a way that the cloud provider has no access to it. In addition to this, cloud providers are also vetted by federations to ensure that they have acquired certain standards of privacy and security. 

In regards with Cloud Computing solutions, please do visit this site:

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Nordisk Systems, Inc. offers IT solutions that meet the challenges of Healthcare organizations by combining responsive service with powerful brands such as IBM, HIMSS, Oracle, and HIMSS in Oregon, many others providing a single point of contact for IT solutions.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Public Cloud Infrastructure - A New Paradigm in the IT Industry

Cloud computing, data center has come up with a new virtualization that can be extended to the public. This means that the public cloud infrastructure will serve users located in different locations using different devices. This new concept in the information technology industry will make it easy for cloud services providers, to outreach more companies and private vendors. However, consumers will be required to have access to a public network in order to be able to enjoy cloud computing services.

Shift Capital Expenses to Operational Expenses: In the old days, companies used to spend so much money on data storage maintenance. This is because there was to reliable source of storing information and users had no other option, but to rely on multiple machines and task-force. Cloud computing, data center has come to aid. With a reasonable solution that will shift capital expenses to operation expenses. This is due to the fact that, companies will no longer have to spend dividends and profits on multiple hardware equipment to store data, since cloud computing service will be a reliable source of storing information. Another great factor about this theory is that, companies only get to pay for what they have used.

Have Better Utilization Rates: Cloud computing, data center offers you a way of utilizing your firm’s capital. This is because you will not require any capital to maintain any form of virtualization, since this is done by the service provider or the end user. This from of utilization creates wealth for your business as you can focus your benefits on another server or network. Cloud computing saves fifty percent for your profit revenue and the figure increases as you continue portioning your servers.

Keep Infrastructure Costs Low for New Projects: Public cloud infrastructure will reduce cost on your expenses. This is because you will not be required to purchase extra machines and other unwanted accessories for desktop virtualization. By using public cloud, you will be able to share network resources among users located in different locations.

Offer Greater Elasticity: Cloud computing, data center offers great elasticity such as time acceleration in market requirements, agility improvement and promotes business in the information technology sector. There is also sufficient networking of workstations, which increases business production.

Get Enterprises out of the Data-center Business: Cloud computing, data center provides additions services that will best boost your business depending on what you venture into. Specifications of your business determine the actual packaging of public cloud computing that your business deserve.

Hardened through Continual Hacking Attempts: Cloud computing, data center also has an advanced security system that would take hacker weeks and months to hack in, without any access. This means that you do not have to worry about any security bridge while using cloud computing services. In case of any security threats, you are most likely to receive a notification of any insecurity attempts.

Attract the Best Security People Available: Cloud computing services may be vulnerable to hackers, which is why cloud computing, data center offers the best security for your clouding services.

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Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a managed and cloud computing service provider company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised  IBM ProcTIER business partner in Pacific Northwest. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The new innovative creation - Electronic cigarettes

E cigarette is the latest technological creation that has become user happy with in short time period. Electronic cigarette is the acronym for the recent smoke without fire creation came in to present about some years ago with a individual objective of offering smokers with effective and healthier choice. This substitute is helpful for the people who have attempted the product found in the market that guarantee to assist people stop smoking habit. The electronic creation of smokeless devices that has experienced three generation and the one that is now found on sale is the fourth generation. It is the one that has really created to make big name.

This cigarette resembles closely to the real cigarette and that is the key reason what created it a major success in the market. It is basically according to the principle of vapor inhalation instead of smoke inhalation without having any compromise on the taste of actual tobacco. This vapor has alternate things in it does not have toxic substance that is seen in to the tobacco cigarette. A battery, E cig atomizer, and an igniter are the three big components of vapor oriented cigarette. The best thing that allures users is that they will not miss the actual smoking experience with the electronic devices. It has been replaced the red burning flake by having a red color light and by vapors.

The cartridges are also available in different strengths from low to high. This slowly reduces the habit of smoking lastly the individual like to quit the smoking habit. One cartridge is equal to two packages of normal cigarettes, therefore clears up the price variation. With number of benefits it is a healthier option. This electronic device does not produce smoke or other substance that creates compromise with the health, hence creating them legally a usable public smoking tool. If you are availing e cigs, it is both environment and social friendly option. With the raising awareness of these vapors electronic product will for definitely surpass the normal counterparts.

You can start with the cartridge that contains higher dosage and slowly decrease to the lower dosages and to zero dosage. These electronic devices do not contain carbon monoxide, carcinogens or tar that is viewed in the conventional cigarettes. Even you are breathing in a nicotine substance; it is not so harmful like normal tobacco cigarette. These new innovative devices remove the requirement of lighter, it is an automatic one, and just you have to inhale the smoke. The costs of these cigarettes are only two dollar and so you can be able to save the expenses of purchasing an e cigs. Passive smoking can make huge damage to health.

BY switching over to these electronic devices, you are saving yourself and protecting the people around you from the health complication of smoking. You do not breathe out any dangerous pollutant. They are smart choice for the people who wish to quit smoking. This is one of the vital reasons for large number of people to purchase e cigarette.

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Dharshini is the author has been writing number of articles on different subject. She is also webmaster of the electronic cigarette. She wrote more articles relating to this new device.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Centralization of Online Data Backup Enhances your Data Safe and Secure for Small Business

Those days are long gone when data backup was a big problem for small businesses, because now they can backup their data on centralized online servers and they can easily recover it whenever needed. Unlike older time now small business can save all of their on a centralized online server and this centralization of online data backup can enhances the data safety and security for Small Businesses in a great way. If we talk about the benefits of centralization of online data backup, then some of them are listed below.

Implementing efficient Data Backup: With the help of centralization of online data backup, you can efficiently manage your data backup. In order to take your data backup you just need to choose an online data backup location for this and after that you can set the backup policy, recurrence timing, and all other aspects of your backup and your data will automatically get updated on one cloud or online server.

Innovative Centralized Systems: When you take your data backup on an online server, then you can work from any location and you can get the information from virtually anywhere and nothing will stop you as long as you have all the necessary credentials to access your data. Another great thing about this backup method is that you can take the backup and access it on the go. For example, if you added a new data on your local directory it will automatically get updated on your server and someone else from other location can see that data as soon as you upload the data.

Avoiding Data Corruption: Data corruption at the time of data recovery is the biggest nightmare for all the backup administrators and online backup can help you to completely get rid of this problem. Since, your data get stored on a server that gets regular backup with most advanced technology so it will make sure your data never get corrupted. Other than this when you backup your data on online server then you can stop worrying about the problem of media damage as well that is very common in physical media data backup techniques.

Ensure Complete Data Protection
: This is another great benefit of centralized online data backup. When you upload the data on cloud server then only authorized person with required credentials can access the data. Also it will make sure that data remain protected in most secured server and infrastructure where no one else can get physical or virtual access so you don’t have to worry about the theft of data backup as well, which is very much possible in physical media backup.

Other than this when you take your data backup using some online server, then you need not to worry about the data recovery as well and in some cases you can recover the data according to specific versions as well. In addition to this, centralization of online data backup can also reduce the cost of your data backup because online data backup method is very cost effective compared to offline data backup.
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Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a managed Nexenta business partner and cloud computing service provider company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised  IBM business partner in Pacific Northwest. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.